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You want to study French, but you have an hectic life. You would like to study French at your home and you do not want to travel a lot before and after your French lessons. Our Online French courses are perfect for you!!!.  

Our Online French courses will focus on the French skills you want to develop. We offer:

-online French exam tutoring,                                                                                -online French holiday courses,                              
-online French conversation classes,                                                                 -online French grammar courses,
-online French courses ( from beginner to advanced level).
Your online French lessons can be  French individual tuition or small group tuition.
                                                                                 We offer daytime, evening and weekend tuition.
'My brother and I have been taking lessons with Virginie for over a year now and are thoroughly enjoying them. Our first lesson was just before a big holiday and Virginie then tailored our next lesson around this discussing what we had done and fitting the lesson structure around our trip. I think this form of teaching has really accelerated my learning because I am interested in the subjects we are talking about and they are conversations I would have in English. I also love the structure of the lessons with just the right amount of discussion and learning. Virginie clearly loves what she does and that rubs off. Having our lessons on Skype is really helpful as my brother and I have busy lives so it saves time and petrol money! All in all Virginie gets 11/10 and I would highly recommend her!' Ruth
"Virginie, thanks to your teaching and patience! Needless to say I've found the course extremely helpful, enjoyable and rewarding! Thank you for all your time and patience, I've felt very comfortable (trying) to speak French to you, you made me feel very much at ease. Many thanks again et au revoir,." Abi

"Virginie was completely supportive and incredibly conscientious during a recent set of lessons leading up to an exam. Always making me feel immediately at ease. She meets you at whatever level your French skills happen to be at on that day... and builds up both your ability and confidence with creative, well prepared and resourced exercises. She also follows up with helpful vocab, websites and exercises for in between lessons and is flexible to different styles of teaching and learning. I aim to continue lessons beyond the exam period as they were such a pleasure. I would thoroughly recommend her as a tutor." Natasha

"Virginie, was one of the best french teachers I've ever encountered. For the first time I felt as though I could speak French in front of her which I normally find difficult and when I emailed her with a question...her response was so speedy. Virginie was so good and it was good to practice the speaking and to get the confidence up. I managed to fill in some essential gaps within my knowledge which Virginie explained very well and also produced resources so as to make sure that we definitely understood what we were struggling with". Camilla
“Thanks for your patience and help all through the course, I have really enjoyed it and believe it will be a good fundation to build upon.” Maria
“Virginie has been so kind, helpful and clear. Furthermore, she was extremely good and very accommodating. I built up a good rapport with her, she has motivated me at every session and I could really feel my improvements. Thanks! I enjoyed so much my weekly session.” Julie
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