French grammar courses         

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You have reached an advanced level in French, but you need to have a better understanding of specific French grammar points or you need to write a long essay or dissertation in French.  

We offer French individual tuition for you to revise and master French grammar and to write with confidence long and detailed piece of work in French.  

Our French Grammar courses will focus on French writing skills and French tenses for you to get more confident with all the French grammatical delicacies such as *:

- present and imperative                   simple and complex relative pronouns          - prepositions    

negatives sentences                       - subjunctive mood                                       past tenses 

- future and conditional tenses           direct and indirect pronouns                       passive voice 

 *According to your progress or the group’s progress, the content of the course might vary                       

We offer daytime, evening and weekend tuition.

Small group tuition can be an option.

         Lessons can take place at your home, my home or online through SKYPE.

We hold an enhanced Criminal Record Bureau Check.


"Virginie has proved to be an excellent teacher. Her confidence, ability and manner I have found to be inspiring. She has gone out of her way to explain a point when it has not been fully understood; her efforts in devising efficient learning tools have been well appreciated; her way of minimizing worry and stress with the lesson have been gratefully received and, in my opinion, she has succeeded well with her delivery of the language." Linda T -Canterbury  

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